Dj Desecrate

I will be uploading my vinyl mixes i record on here so i can listen to my music wherever i go and just in case somebody out there gets the same buzz and enjoyment as i do from this music too! I am NOT the best DJ in the world by far and there will be plenty of dodgy mixes going on, but i love to try anyway! I don't particulary think about what records/sequence to play, i just like to pick up any record and go with the flow... My sets will consist of different electronic rave genres including Jungle, Hardcore, Breakbeat, Drum n Bass, Happy Hardcore, Trance, Hard Trance, Makina, Techno and Gabber spanning from 1991 up to the present year.


French Dj Drum'n bass, Techno, Acid techno, Acid-core, Hard-core


Dj amateur since 1999 on vinyl records and mp3 controller, I made my debut by creating with friends "1surG soundsystem", organizer of many praises relentless in the Indre until 2007. Pendant independent 3 years since 2010, I am next to the intrepid Crew. styles psydub breakbeat drum n bass techouse tekno acid hardcore tekno progtrance psytrance hardcore etc often in public evening festival radio bar

Etiket Zero

DJ since 1993: Industrial Ambient Breakcore Jungle Noise Hiphop Mutant Dub War Politik Experimental.

Live since 2000: Breakcore Hiphop Mutant Experimental Politik Dub Sub-Floor TripHop Sensitive to the temperature of the soul .... Sensitive to the temperature of the soul ...


Dj since '88 [VoodooMix]. Pirate Radio [Radiobomb] since '90s. Sound-System ['91 - '94]. Record Label since '95 [Radio Bomb].Worked for years with Spiral Tribe, Bedlam, Network23, & on the uk festival & early Teknival circuit. >30 vinyl eps & 8 albums, + more than 20 mixtapes. Active throughout europe, gigging, and remixing, plus radioshows and guesting on other labels. Radio Bomb Recording Studios now open to all artists & groups [ any style] - 32track analog front-end + DAW multitrack & edit, liveroom, stoneroom, vox/iso booth/ controlroom. (Located in Aquitaine.)


I've been playing Jungle/D&B/Hardcore since it's inception. I love all aspects of D&B, but focus on Jungle and the old school sounds. I am one of the founding fathers of the Detroit D&B scene was a member of Konkrete Jungle Detroit, have played alongside countless headliners and currently co-run the monthly Run Tings Detroit nights.

Dj Parody

Drum & Bass DJ from Bradford, West Yorkshire, focusing on the darker styles of the sound - from 90's techstep to halftime moody beats.


Started DJing in 1992/3 playing Piano/Hardcore/Rave tunes then Jungle/d'n'b to presnt day. Early DJ influences were Ratty, Fallout, Kemistry & Storm, Bukem, Mampi & Randall. I play most d'n'b styles (never Jump Up) but predominantly play heavy Amen beats as i love tunes by Tech Itch.